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Tap on a station circle on the map, to reveal arrivals at that station.

All arrivals screen

Tap on the "see more arrivals" button to see all arrivals.

Train screen

Arrival times for each stop for a specific train.

Service alerts

Service alerts for each line. Most severe alert and the total service alert count.

Service alert details

The full text as reported by the MTA.


I'm really glad you've built this great app. I've missed Embark NYC ever since Apple bought & killed it. This free, fast opening, dedicated subway map with real time arrivals is just what we need. Keep up the good work !
It's perfect for night owls like me, who must often wait up to 15 minutes for the next train.


Let's face it: Google Maps can only get you so far. … Made specifically with busy New Yorkers in mind, it's an all-in-one commute compendium.
a new iOS App that removes all the extra features and bloat of the transit apps and simply shows you how many minutes it is until the next train at your station.
In addition to the MTA's online Subway Times, which offers the current arrival times by line and station and is accessible from the internet even beyond the subway's hallowed platforms, Underway NYC now offers the same information but in app form and plotted to a subway map.
Should you use it? If you just want to know when the next train is arriving, but don't need step-by-step navigation.


The app is supported by ads. Subscribing to Underway Ad-free removes ads. Subscribing to Underway Pro unlocks additional features. Both Underway Pro and Underway Ad-free are available as in-app purchases on iOS. The current price of Underway Ad-free is $0.99 per month. The current price of Underway Pro is $5.99 per month.