Real time subway times for New York City.

Available for iPhone and iPad. Compatible with iOS 10, 11, & 12.


I'm really glad you've built this great app. I've missed Embark NYC ever since Apple bought & killed it. This free, fast opening, dedicated subway map with real time arrivals is just what we need. Keep up the good work !
It's perfect for night owls like me, who must often wait up to 15 minutes for the next train.


Tap a station

Next arriving train of each route.

Next arriving train of each route.

More Times

All arriving trains.

All arriving trains

Follow a train

See all of a train's arrival times

See where a train is now, and when it will reach your stop.

Service Status

Full service statuses for each line.

Service wide statuses

Service Status Details

Details of the situation.

Details of the situation