Subway apps should work well on the subway

Sometimes you want to check on subway times while riding the subway to plan your transfers or text people your ETA. Sometimes you only have an internet connection for just a few seconds when your subway car is in the subway station.

Every time you refresh your data in the Underway app, the app loads data for entire subway system. Which is exactly what you want if you have an internet connection for only a few seconds. If the app loaded only one or two stations worth of arrival times, the app might not have the stations that you’re interested in when you lose your internet connection.

Is that a lot of data? Not really. Each refresh on Underway weighs only around 44KB! For comparison, 44KB is about the size of one image on Pinterest or Google image search.

Further our servers are located in NYC datacenters, to ensure the data is as close to subway riders as possible.

Underway strives to be the best NYC subway app while on the go! Whether walking to the subway, or already in it. And quick load times of all the available data helps achieve that goal.

Thanks for using Underway NYC!