Introducing Underway Ad-Free

Hello everyone!

We’re excited to announce our first in-app purchase for Underway. We’re calling it Underway Ad-Free. It’s an auto-renewing subscription, which if you choose to opt-in, removes ads in the app. Many of you have been asking to pay to remove ads — in fact it’s the most frequently asked question. Thanks for all the feedback.

For those of you who prefer the free app as-is with ads, that is still available. Our goal is to make an app that makes the subway easier to use for everyone, including folks that do not subscribe.

Underway Ad-Free costs $5.99 per month and can be found under “Settings.”

Subscription pricing

  • Current ad revenue just covers current server costs
  • Apple and MTA’s royalties will account for nearly half of the in-app purchase price
  • 1-month’s subscription is approximately 2 subway swipes — one swipe for us (thanks), one for Apple/MTA

What’s next?

We have several ideas on how to improve while keeping the app’s focus on simplicity. While we have new features in the works, some goals include:

  • Improving infrastructure for new features
  • Showing more information about trains, stations, and arrivals
  • Underway for Android


Underway 2.0 is about 1 year old! In this time period, we have:

  • Maintained a 4+ star App Store rating
  • Added new arrival feeds as soon as the MTA published them. All subway lines are now available.
  • Updated the app to the latest available maps as they publish. MTA released 9 new maps in the past 12 months.
  • Removed misleading arrival times as published by the MTA, for stations closed for renovations, and marked stations as closed for further clarification.

Thank you for all your support! It’s still the two of us.

Hannah & Daniel